CN4L launches at the SCEL Conference 2017 

Leading Collaborative Learning at
Every Level: From System to Classroom

Wednesday 3rd May, 2017

Perth Concert Hall

A purposeful day of Professional Learning that has set the scene for ongoing collaborative learning and discussion.

View a snapshot of the Ontario Prinicipals' Council workshop facilitated by Lyn Sharratt, Beate Planche and Maggie Ogram

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Building and sustaining collaborative learning communities within and across schools

By Maggie Ogram

The underlying philosophy of the ELN’s collaborative professional learning is one of emerging practice.

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Learning as the Driver through an Inquiry Stance

By Beate Planche

There is much merit in a guided process for students new to inquiry which over time leads to more independent inquiry opportunities.

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Moving From “Good Intentions” to “Good Practice” and Great Results!

By Lyn Sharratt and Beate Planche

We work in a profession of educators with perennial good intentions to work together effectively!

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Setting the Table for Collaborative Professionalism

By Lyn Sharratt

How does a district move from pockets of improvement in some schools to improvement in most schools and most classrooms, then importantly to improvement in every school, in every classroom? In other words, how does a system or district move to ALL students showing growth and achievement?

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